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College Links Golf is the first tour operator of its kind in Scotland – we cater exclusively for student athletes, coaches and alumni from educational establishments.

To make sure our guests get the most out of their visit to Scotland, we are able to offer a range of learning opportunities which increase the value of your tour. For guests who choose this option, it is a unique opportunity to deepen their love and understanding for golf and to gain a greater appreciation of Scottish history and culture.

We can deliver credit-bearing short academic courses through Scottish universities which have an international transfer value. These courses can include some time on campus and also an opportunity to work remotely before and after your visit to Scotland.

Credits can be attained in a variety of subjects such as:

• Sports performance
• Sports administration and management
• Golf architecture and history
• Scottish cultural studies

Each course is bespoke. We work with our guests and the host university to make sure the learning topics are relevant and will comply with the requirements for academic accreditation.

We also offer an opportunity for student athletes to work and stay on campus at a Scottish university to provide a fuller student experience.