Terms of Competition

College Links Invitational
7-12 June 2020, Fairmont St Andrews
Terms of the Competition

• Competitors must be matriculated students at their college/university for the academic year 2019-2020; or have graduated from their academic institution within the 2019-2020 academic year; or have been offered, and formally accepted, a study place at the institution for the start of its 2020-21 academic year. Undergraduate and postgraduate students are permitted to compete.

• Competitors must be amateur as defined by the current Rules of Amateur Status. Matriculated students on PGA-training programmes may also enter on the condition that they have not received any monetary payment for play or competitive reward prior to the start of the competition.

• The Competition shall comprise 54 holes of stroke play, which will be played in accordance with the Rules of Golf as approved by R&A Rules Ltd and with the Local Rules approved by the Competition Committee.

• The Competition Committee consists of a Director of College Links Golf; the Competition Director; the Chief Rules Official; and 2 nominated coaches from entered teams. A quorum of four, one of whom must be the Competition Director, is required for a decision to stand.

• Competition rules and Local Rules approved by the Competition Committee will be outlined in a typed information sheet that will be made available to coaches and players prior to the start of the competition.

• Adaptations to Local Rules will be considered by the Competitions Committee prior to the start of play on each day of the competition. Approved revisions will be outlined to coaches and players prior to play commencement.

• Entry will be limited to a maximum of 14 teams for each of the men’s and women’s team events respectively. College Links Golf Ltd reserves the right to close entries to the competition at any time.

• A team must consist of a minimum of four, and a maximum of five players, from the same institution. The Competition Committee will consider team entries made up of players from different institutions on the condition that the entries are approved by the respective institutions.

• Each team can list up to 2 approved coaches to represent their institution and for team members to seek advice and guidance from during competition play. Approved coaches must be identified prior to the start of play on each day of competitive play.

• Competitors will play 18 holes of competitive play on the Fairmont Torrance Course on each of the days: 10th, 11th & 12th June 2020.

• The best 4 gross individual scores per day will count towards a team’s competition score. A team’s competition score consists of the summation of the team totals for each day of competitive play. i.e. 54-hole team totals will determine the respective men’s and women’s winning teams.

• The 54-hole gross score accumulated by an individual player will determine individual prizes.

• Team and Individual prizes will be awarded for those finishing 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each of the categories; Men’s Team; Women’s Team; Men’s Individual; Women’s Individual.

• College Links Golf Ltd reserves the right to alter the number and value of prizes.

• All ties shall be decided based on scores for last 36 holes. If a tie remains, it shall then be decided on scores for the last 18 holes. Should a tie remain after this stage, then the competitors will share the relevant prize accordingly.

• Only officially returned scorecards will be considered for competition scoring purposes. A player’s scorecard is officially returned to the Competition Committee when he/she steps out of the Recording Office.

• The College Links Invitational is treated as closed when the result has been officially announced at the Prize-giving.

• Clubs and Balls: The Model Local Rules in the Rules of Golf are in effect regarding Conforming Driver Heads, Conforming Golf Balls and Groove and Punch Marks.

• Pace of Play conditions will be distributed at Registration.

• Anti-Doping: A competitor must not knowingly make use of any drug to enhance his/her performance.

• Transportation: Competitors are required to walk when competing, unless otherwise authorised or later approved by the Competition Committee.

• Caddies are not permitted.

• The Committee reserves the right to disqualify any competitor/team making false statements on entry forms or to refuse or reject any entry without giving reason for its decision.

• The Competitor shall start at the time laid down by the Committee for each day of play.

• College Links Golf reserves the right to fix and/or alter starting times, and to alter the Terms of the Competition, to achieve a result.

• The Committee’s decision in all disputes is final.

Conditions of Entry

• Entries will only be accepted from competitors whose handicap, under the current CONGU handicapping scheme or under the scheme adopted in the country from which the competitor enters, is -2 or better for males and -5 or better for females.

• All entries must be submitted using an approved entry form available from College Links Golf Ltd by e-mailing info@collegelinksgolf.com.

• Entries are confirmed on receipt of entry payment to College Links Golf Ltd.

• Colleges/Universities have the right to alter the make-up of teams up to 1 hour prior to commencement of competition play. The Competition Committee may, on appropriate medical grounds, approve team alterations/player replacements during competition.

• Refunds will only be made if the competition is cancelled by College Links Golf Ltd, or the Competition Committee, prior to commencement.

• Entry fees will not be refunded unless intimation of withdrawal is received before the identified cancellation period, or in the case of a player’s unsuccessful entry.

• All entries will be subject to the approval of the Competition Committee, which reserves the right to accept or refuse or, having accepted, subsequently reject any entry without giving reason for its decision.

• College Links Golf will only store and use your personal information in relation to current or future events, in adherence with GDPR guidelines.

• College Links Golf, in line with GDPR, may use video, photographs and similar references to competitions, in practice and play, in the publicity arrangements prior to, during and after the competition.

• College Links Golf requests that neat casual dress be worn on the course and in the clubhouse for the competition, and that smart attire be worn at the opening and closing ceremonial dinners.