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Quick Questions: Raleigh Gowrie

Raleigh Gowrie is a Director of College Links Golf.

1 Favourite five
Rank your top five golf courses in Scotland with a one-word explanation of why each course has made it on your list
Turnberry – challenging
Kings Course, Gleneagles – scenic
Trump International, Aberdeen – breath-taking
North Berwick – traditional
The Old Course, St Andrews – spiritual

2 Groundhog golf
If you could play just one Scottish course, over and over again, which course would you choose and why?
King’s Course, Gleneagles – the golf course sits naturally within the lie of the land. The surrounding countryside is beautifully-scenic and the course tests all parts of your game.

3 Hidden gems
Scotland is full of great courses that hardly anyone has ever heard of – what’s your favourite and what makes it special?
Southerness, in Dumfriesshire, south of Scotland. Set on the Solway coast and virtually unknown by the golfing masses, it provides a classic, natural links test.

4 Links lessons
What’s the single most important piece of advice you’d give to someone who was playing links golf for the first time?
Strategy is everything when playing links golf. Making sure you have the right angles of entry into greens is significant, especially when courses are playing firm and fast. Therefore, play the course the way the architect wanted you to play it.

5 Off course
What’s the one off-course activity that any golfer coming to Scotland should experience?
Visit one of Scotland’s historic castles and learn about our proud heritage. The castles in Edinburgh and Stirling are arguably our finest.

6 This much I know … 
What words of wisdom would you give to a student golfer visiting Scotland?
Give yourself the chance to recognise the cultural significance of golf in our society. Be sure to see the sights and listen to the sounds that add value to playing the game. Get up early and go to bed late so that you can take it all in.